Aromatherapy Sachets / Bunny Gifts

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Beautiful hand stitched woodland inspired hearts.
These felt hearts are filled with my own unique, handcrafted natural crystal mix, infused with expertly selected essential oil blends...

💜Night Time Blend
A comforting blend of relaxing lavender, grounding vetiver & balancing rose - perfect for bedtime. (Please note - there are high concentrations of vetiver in this blend - don’t choose unless you like vetiver!)

💜Soothing Blend
My personal favourite - Uplifting Neroli & soothing ylang ylang to help relieve emotional stress & anxiety.

💜Calming Blend
This restful blend contains relaxing roman chamomile, warming mandarin & grounding bergamot. (Please note - there are high concentrations of chamomile in this blend - don’t choose unless you like chamomile!)

💜De-stress Blend
A tranquil blend of soothing ylang ylang, nourishing neroli & uplifting petitgrain.

💜Energising Blend
My own uplifting blend of balancing Bergamot - also great for anxiety, warming mandarin & fresh, zesty lime to give you a natural energy boost.

💜Relaxing Blend
My tried & trusted (with great reviews ) blend -
Soothing, calming lavender & balancing rose geranium - which also has anti anxiety properties.

The sachets themselves consist of a heart of woodland fabric featuring a bunny sitting amongst toadstools. This is then gently padded with cotton wadding & hand stitched onto a heart base, of luxurious, heathered wool blend felt. A coordinating ribbon hanger completes the rustic feel of these delightful hearts.

Please note - these are NOT TOYS & are not suitable for children of any age - they are intended purely as a home fragrance, hanging decoration - for adult use only. Remember to hang well out of reach of children.
Please also note that as essential oils are natural & volatile, the scent will naturally diminish over time.

Gift wrap option also available - handcrafted, rustic packaging tied with a bakers twine bow. Eco friendly, fully recyclable & designed with love :) Just £3 extra.

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