Owl / Hedgehog Lavender Heart Decoration

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Hand stitched woodland heart decoration, featuring either a hedgehog or an owl.

These hand sewn rustic hearts are filled entirely with premium quality dried lavender flowers - a gentle squeeze is all that’s needed to release the soothing scent of lavender.
Use them in your drawers or wardrobe to scent your clothes or even place under your pillow at night - the pressure & warmth of sleeping on them will release the essential oils in the lavender for a restful nights sleep...

These lavender sachets are lovingly put together. The front consists of a heart of linen fabric, featuring either a hedgehog or an owl design, surrounded by woodland foliage. The back consists of soft ivory felt.

The woodland heart design is completed using carefully coordinated embroidery thread, ribbon hanger and either a matching bow or satin oak leaves.
The rustic feel is enhanced by tiny metal charms - these will be unique to each heart made, but are in keeping with the woodland theme.

Please note that although the edges of the linen heart are sealed to prevent shedding, there may be some slight unevenness in the border - this is a characteristic of the natural fibres and helps to enhance the uniqueness of each woodland heart.

Size of the Hedgehog & Owl hearts is approx 4 x 4” with a 4” hanging loop.
Size of the Hoglet heart is approx 3 x 3”

Please note - these are NOT TOYS & are only suitable for age 14 years and over.
Remember to hang well out of reach of children.
Also take care of the natural essential oils in the lavender flowers if you have sensitive skin.

** important Information for non-UK customers**

Please note - due to import restrictions on lavender, orders outside of the U.K. will be filled with a speciality hand blended natural crystal mix, infused with essential oils of lavender and rose geranium. This is a long standing tried and tested formulation, with great reviews!
They will also contain some polyester toy stuffing, for added softness.

Please be aware that as essential oils are natural & volatile, the scent will naturally diminish over time (a year or so) Each heart is handmade to order and the mixture freshly blended prior to shipping and is also sealed in a protective bag for maximum freshness upon arriving with you :)


Gift wrap option also available - handcrafted, rustic packaging tied with a bakers twine bow. Eco friendly, fully recyclable & designed with love :) Just £3 extra.

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