Handmade Pocket Notebook / Plant Paper / Fabric Covered / Hand Bound Pages

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Handmade Notebook made using Tree Free plant paper pages and traditional bookbinding methods.

The papers are made using post industrial waste products from a range of industries. These include; banana, hemp and flax fibres, cotton and linen rags, coffee and coconut husks, tea, lemongrass, spent barley and water hyacinth plant.

As the residual plant waste is very high in cellulose, no chemicals need to be added during manufacturing, meaning that the huge amounts of water used in paper making can be recycled on site.

Due to the handmade process, each sheet of paper is entirely unique in texture, colour and grain and makes an ideal base for pencil sketching, shading and chalks. Paper weight is 150-200gsm

The paper is handmade in India for Artway.co.uk - (their Tree Free blog is definitely worth a read)

The pages are then cut and hand bound together by myself and casebound into a beautiful fabric covered notebook - all using traditional bookbinding techniques and tools.

The board I use is also a waste product from a local business - pieces too small to be useful to them, but ideal for making my notebook covers and other textile stationery.
These compact notebooks allow me to use up smaller pieces of my other raw materials too - so all in all, a very economical and sustainable product, supporting a number of small industries.

Each notebook measures approximately 12 x 9cm and contains approximately 26 pages (52 sides)
Each book will contain a mixture of at least 3 different plant papers in various contrasting colours - as shown.
Information about the papers used in your notebook will be included on the packaging.

Thank you for viewing my item and for supporting my business!